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  1. The 2024 Atwood Carnival

    June 13, 2024

    On the sunny afternoon of Wednesday, June 13th, the Atwood Primary School held the annual end of year learning celebration: The Atwood Carnival! This year there were a few new adventures: the 60 foot Rat Race Obstacle Course, duck races, and a new petting zoo, “Hoofing It,” which the children could enter to brush and feed the animals! The Darlings Ice Cream Truck was a delightful addition, and there were dozens of other amazing games, treats, and activities! Children were able to go inside buses, an army hummer, a police car, an ambulance, and a fire ladder truck! I think it’s safe to say it was a festive and wonderful end to the school year! #WeAreRSU18 #AtwoodAwesome

  2. Excursions to District Office

    June 11, 2024

    One of the most special visits the Atwood children make is to the Central Office. Kindergartener, Oliver, enjoyed a little excursion to visit with Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Keith Morin. Mr. Morin took the time to share a storybook with Oliver! #WeAreRSU18 #AtwoodAwesome

  3. Atwood’s Graduation Celebration 2024

    June 5, 2024

    Students in the graduating classes of 2034, 2035, 2036, and 2037 led the Messalonskee graduation celebration through Atwood Primary School for a final send off! It’s one of the most special traditions of the school year where our youngest students get to celebrate with our oldest! #WeAreRSU18 #AtwoodAwesome #EaglePrideMHS

  4. Slime Time

    May 28, 2024

    The Atwood Awesome students crushed this year’s reading challenge! They were challenged to read 100,000 minutes and they read more than 129,000 minutes in the month of March! Mrs. McGee told them they could slime her if they met the goal, so last Friday was the day! The top reader in each class got to dump a bucket of slime on the principal! The children happily dumped their full buckets on Mrs. McGee’s head while their classmates cheered them on! Slime time was a big success! #WeAreRSU18 #RaisingReadersAtRSU18 #AtwoodAwesome


  5. Thank you, Community Helpers

    May 22, 2024

    The Atwood and Williams schools wanted to thank their community helpers for all they do to keep the schools safe. Today, May 22nd, Heroes on Wheels was hired to serve meals to 50 community workers! Police officers, EMTs, firefighters, and workers for the town were invited to enjoy lunch! Pictured is Chief Rick Stubbert reading the cards created for the community helpers by the school children! #WeAreRSU18 #AtwoodAwesome #WESproud18

  6. Field Day 2024

    May 22, 2024

    Atwood Primary School learners had the opportunity to celebrate their physical education achievements with an early Field Day this year!  On May 14th, each class participated in a variety of stations, activities, and games where children practiced PE skills including running, jumping, balancing, kicking, throwing, and striking. The children did an amazing job taking turns, working as a team, and encouraging each other throughout the day! Atwood would like to thank the wonderful parent volunteers who helped during the fun-filled field day and kept it running smoothly! #WeAreRSU18 #AtwoodAwesome

  7. Hands on Learning: Life Cycles of Chickens

    May 14, 2024

    Katie McLaughlin, special education teacher and Atwood Primary School mother to Jackson, visited Ms. Bickford’s classroom on a recent Friday. She brought chicks, a chicken named Frosty, and eggs to teach the children about the life cycle of chickens! The children loved the engaging lesson and the hands on learning experience! Outdoor learning is definitely Atwood Awesome! #WeAreRSU18 #AtwoodAwesome

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