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Atwood-Williams PTA

Enriching Children’s Lives

Atwood Primary School serves Oakland students from Pre-K-2nd grade and Williams Elementary School serves Oakland students in grades 3-5.

PTA has long had a tradition of welcoming new parents into the group of volunteers each year. As our children enter higher grades and leave behind their younger years, parents move on as well. The PTA is always looking for more volunteers to fill the gap left by our “graduating parents” Officers are elected for two year terms. Think about leading this awesome group as President or Vice President! The PTA is a volunteer based association which:

  • Provides funds for educational and enrichment assemblies
  • Provides funds to the Music, Art, and Phys. Ed. programs
  • Gift classrooms new furniture and supplies
  • Helps pay for playground equipment
  • Manages volunteers at the school
  • Plans and hosts family fun events
  • Plans and hosts the annual Bus Driver/Staff Appreciation celebrations
  • Provides free books to every child through the BAM program
  • Publishes a newsletter to inform parents

In addition, many parent volunteers serve on planning committees and help with the day-to-day tasks which are vital to any PTA. PTA is always looking for new ideas, and for people to organize them. Do you have an idea that you’d like to see in place? Are you willing to help organize it? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today by email, phone or even better, just print out the volunteer request form below.

We encourage all parents and staff members to participate in the various programs that PTA offers. Without your support, we cannot function. If you would like to help or have questions or comments, please contact one of our PTA officers.


With your help, the Williams Elementary and Atwood Primary School PTA can…

  • Provide funds for all educational and enrichment assemblies
  • Provide funds to the music program through the music basket raffle
  • Give classroom grants for equipment and supplies
  • Help pay for playground equipment
  • Provide funds and coordinates educational enrichment assemblies for students
  • Plan and hosts family fun events
  • Provide free books to every child through the BAM program
  • Plan and hosts the annual Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
  • Publish a monthly newsletter to parents informed
  • Provide funds to the Williams and Atwood schools’ mushi, art and physical education programs
  • Publish a quarterly newsletter to teachers, students and parents

Coming Events at Atwood Primary

Upcoming Events

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