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Reflecting on Honesty

At Atwood Primary School, Mrs. Weatherbie’s student teacher, Madison Bradbury, taught the children an important Social-Emotional word – honesty. She featured a wonderful book called The Empty Pot about a village of boys who were given the task of growing a flower in a pot – with the promise that the one who grew the biggest, best flower would become the new Emperor. The boys discovered that their flowers would not grow, so all but one child replaced their unsuccessful seed with a fully grown flower. The one boy who was honest and admitted that his seed wouldn’t grow (hence, the empty pot) was rewarded for his honesty with the throne. The children paused throughout the story to discuss honesty, and afterward they were given personalized paper pots to decorate. The empty pots symbolized the boy’s honesty. The students’ work was later displayed on the door for Atwood’s Read-A-Thon month! #WeAreRSU18 #AtwoodAwesome

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