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From the Principal’s Pen- February 2018

From the Principal’s Pen

February 2018

Submitted by: Jennifer McGee, Principal of Atwood Primary School

Recently, we traveled to Florida.  On the way home, in the Charlotte Airport, I had an experience, that I am still NOT OVER.

In between flights, I was sharing a sandwich with my husband.  Even though there were signs in the airport:  All dogs must be on a leash,  guess whose dog was NOT on a leash? I just kind of disregarded the rule because, you know, my dog is special.

Well, there are rules for a reason.

Suddenly and quite without warning my 14-pound dog spotted another, much LARGER, dog on a leash. My dog, Louie, leaped off my lap in a bound, and proceeded to get in a giant dogfight…and lose, badly.  Louie was bloodied and battered, and “screaming”; people from all over the airport came running.

All of the parties around, gatekeepers, pilots, stewardesses, bartenders, fellow passengers, all of them, were hugely sympathetic with Louie….bringing towels, and ice, and helping with his medical needs.  And all of the parties were furious…with me.

“Why didn’t you have him on a leash?”

“Why did you let him go?”

“Why wasn’t he in his kennel?”

“Weren’t you watching him?”

Disgusted looks, cold stares, angry glares.

And what could I say?  There were signs everywhere to have your dog on a leash. The rules were made to keep dogs, and people, safe.  And I disregarded them.

It was a huge wake-up call and lesson for me.  Rules exist for a reason. And rules apply to everyone.

We have some rules here at school, and they are not always convenient, and they are not always easy….but they exist for a reason…each born out of necessity.   And just like the rule about “Dogs must be on a leash”….not ALL dogs may need a leash…some are more obedient than others (not Louie obviously), but for large groups, standardized rules are necessary.

Now that we are very nearly halfway through the school year, it may be a good time to revisit our rules…especially, now that you all have gotten to know the “lay of the land”.

  •      School starts at 8:00 and parent pick up begins at 2:20.  Our school runs much more smoothly if you adhere to those precise times. Many parents are in a hurry and want to get their children before 2:20…convenience for you can mean a huge disruption for classrooms and teachers!  Please be respectful of our established times.
  •      Handicapped parking is exclusively for those who have signage indicating they are in need of a handicapped parking spot.  Although it may be difficult to see with the ice and snow, it is the two spaces immediately to the right of our entrance doors.
  •      Please wait in the hallway until the announcement is made that you can go to your child’s classroom during parent pick up.
  •      If your child is late arriving at school, please escort your child into the school and sign your child in…don’t just “drop off” your child.
  •      Please park in a parking spot before coming into the school. Don’t leave your vehicle parked and running in the center of our parking lot.
  •      It is cold!  Children need to come dressed in hats, gloves or mittens, boots and snow pants…if children are in attendance, they need to be prepared to be outside in the Maine winter!
  •      If your child is absent from school, please call  (465-3411) or make sure you send a note in the next day to ensure it is an “excused” absence.

I hate to “blah, blah, blah…” rules at you…but…as I was reminded…rules are made for a reason.

You can bet, Louie (if he ever gets to fly again) will be on a leash in the airport.

Thanks for all you do to make the Atwood journey a safe and happy one for your children!

Educationally Yours,

Jennifer McGee, Principal

Dates in February to Note:

February 19 – 23: WINTER BREAK (No School)

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